Hysteresis Dynamometer, Loading Controller, Acquisition Instrument and Software


หมวดหมู่ : LANMEC Hysteresis dynamometer




The hysteresis dynamometer is suitable of medium and small power motor testing.The torque changes is not affected by the speed,It can do full test from no load to the blockage.

According to different cooling methods, hysteresis dynamomenters are divided into four types;HZC type is divided into fan cooling and natural cooling;HZC-Q type is compressed air cooling; HZC-G type is blower cooling,HZC-Y type is water cooling.

Dedicated load controller can be selected to adjust loading torque,and the torque ,speed and power of the motor can be collected by TS-2000 torque speed power acquistion instrument. The hysteresis dynamometer's measurement accuracy can reach ±0.2% of full scale.

This kind of dynamometer is cost-effective,small size, easy to operate,and can be customized according to customer's requirements.

All models of the HZC-Q series are identical in size to the corresponding HZC series. The only difference is that there is an additional air input port for connecting compressed air(see the red dotted line on the up).

All models of the HZC-G series are identical in size to the corresponding HZC series,the only difference is that there is an additional air input port for connecting the blower(see the red dotted line on the up)。

All models of HZC-Y water cooling hysteresis dynamometer are indentical in size to the corresponding  HZC series. The only difference is the addition of two cooling water input and output interface. Advantages: no noise, high power(see water cooling hysteresis brake specifications).

SC-1WB-36-3 Programmable load power

1、Power supply:AC220V,output DC-36V/0~3A

2、High precision,high resolution,low temperature drift, high stability(the whole machine temperature drift is less 50ppm,accuracy 0.1%,resolution V=10mV、l=1mA)

3、Programmable(MODBUS agreement,RS485 communication)

4、Set value storage function(can save the voltage and current value set at the last shutdown)


TS-2000 Torque speed power acquisiton instrument

Overall dimension:280*145*110(L*W*H)(mm)

Hole size(mm):271*93

TS-2000 torque speed power acquisiton instrument uses hysteresis brake or a magnetic powder brake as a damping load ,and use a tension and pressure sensor, photoelectric ( or magnetoelectric ) rotational speed sensor as a detection componment ,can colleect torque,speed  and power of the power machine. The instrument comes with a  display screen to display the measurement results ,and is equipped with a standard serial interface of RS485 (or RJ45 network interface ) to communicate with the computer.

Technical indicators

TS-2000 Test software

Function: Display the real-time torque,speed and power data and waveform of TS-2000 torque speed power acquisition instrument, and generate curves and reports for saving and printing。



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