DWZ eddy current brake


หมวดหมู่ : LANMEC Eddy current brake


Main application:

DWZ series disc eddy current brake, mainly used as the load in the loading dynamometer equipment, test instruments used to measure the dynamic mechanical properties, especially in the small and medium-sized power and small power of dynamic loading test, as that of other power equipment of reactive absorption device.

DW series disc eddy current dynamometer, are the DWZ series disc eddy current brake the body with the measuring unit of torque and rotational speed of dynamometer, mainly used to measure the dynamic mechanical properties test instruments, used especially in the small and medium-sized power and small power dynamic load tests.

Performance characteristics:

DWZ/DW series disc brake dynamometer has simple structure, small drive moment of inertia, the braking torque, allow the speed is high, the performance good stability, fast dynamic response, long service life, convenient maintenance, etc.

When applying a dc excitation coil, the magnetic menstruation around the armature, eddy current ring, induction plate body, form a closed magnetic circuit, with the rotor shape is like a straight gear, as the induction plate is the prime mover rotates, eddy current ring surface density and magnetic field, the magnetic field changes in the surface of the eddy current ring to changed a bit, so in the eddy current ring surface and within the scope of certain depth to produce eddy current, the magnetic field eddy current formed with the original magnetic field interaction, creates a braking torque on the induction plate.

The main technical indicators DWZ series eddy current brake



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