CW series eddy current brake


หมวดหมู่ : LANMEC Eddy current brake


Eddy current brake, as a kind of load, mainly used to measure the dynamic mechanical properties of test equipment, it and other control measuring instrument can be eddy current dynamometer.Can be used for internal combustion engine, motor, gas turbine, automobile and machinery components performance test, compared with other dynamometer device, the CW series dynamometer device has higher reliability, stability, and practical.
Main features:
1. Simple structure, stable operation, low price, convenient in operation and maintenance.
2. Use water cooling, low noise, small vibration.
3. Enter the wide speed range.
4. All previous control power is small, the single-phase dc power supply.
5. With measurement and control system, which can realize automation control.
6. Used as a brake, a braking force is large, the advantages of good and stable performance.
Working principle:
1. The base to structure of the CW series eddy current brake (see below)

The CW type eddy current brake (with groove wheel), by the rotor stator (including around the armature, excitation coil, end cover, bearing cover), frame composition.
Eddy current ring around the armature body (with) have the same cooling waterway, set in the excitation coil is installed before the two armature body, after the cooling water from inlet to the armature into vortex ring cooling water tank, lower body but buckle from the upper half of the armature body flow in and out of the gate, through the outlet flow out.
2. The working principle of the CW series eddy current brake
When the rotor with coaxial excitation coil assembly to pass a dc TV, its produce magnetic menstruation armature, eddy current ring, air gap and the rotor to form closed magnetic circuit.Due to the rotor outer surface is made into uniform distribution of teeth and slots, so in the air gap and vortex ring surface density can be found in the magnetic field.Therefore, when the rotor is dragging rotates, the eddy current ring as a point on the surface of the magnetic field to produce alternating changes, the induction, the magnetic field which is formed by the "vortexing" and interact with the original air-gap magnetic field, creates a braking torque on the rotor.Engine output power is converted into vortex ring "vortexing" to produce the equivalent of heat, the heat by the eddy current ring into the continuous cooling water in cooling water tank.
The main technical parameters:

Note: P0: Maximum cooling power

n1: Rated minimum speed

n2: Rated maximum speed

Figure 2

5. Outlinge and installing dimension (As following table)




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