Safety chuck introduction


หมวดหมู่ : LANMEC Safety chuck


Chuck safety features:
1. Safety chuck is needed for frequent connection transmission and out of the work of action mechanism, provides a quick and accurate, easy and safe coupling
2. Chuck's mouth with special heat treatment process, greatly prolongs the service life
3. Chuck all critical dimensions for machining center, CNC machine should bed processing, ensure the accuracy of its positioning

Scroll on both sides of the sizes:

On both sides of the gassing axis size:

Installation note: "LanLing" brand safety chuck has to ensure the process when manufacturing precision in the permitted range, but when installed with inflatable axis does not concentricity must be less than 0.3 °, so as to help the fast clamping chuck and detachment, gassing axis and can guarantee the shaft head and chuck blurted out to reduce wear and prolong life.If the error is too big, will also cause the vibration of material and machine, please pay special attention to!



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