SC-542A automatic tension controller



หมวดหมู่ : LANMEC Tension control system


SC - 542 - a type of automatic tension control instrument, tension sensor and magnetic powder clutch or magnetic powder brake may form a closed-loop automatic tension control system.The tension of the material through the tension detection roller on the tension sensor, the sensor output signal, the real-time tension and comparing with set tension value, operation, produce a control signal, control of magnetic powder clutch or the exciting current of magnetic powder brake, to control the size of the tension.

Technical parameters:
1. The power supply voltage: AC220V plus or minus 10% 50 hz
2. Voltage output: DC0-36 v
3. The current output: DC0-3 a
4. The control signal output: 0-10 v
5. The tension control range: 0-100% (relative tension)
6. The tension control precision: plus or minus 2%
7. Installation: desktop or screen installation
8. The dimensions: width 245 mm * 154 mm * 170 mm deep
9. Open screen size: 230 mm * 148 mm



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