SC-3Z taper tension controller


หมวดหมู่ : LANMEC Tension control system


SC-3Z taper tension controller is a  half -closed loop system, which is based on the measurement and calculation method of the volume diameter.

0-24V or 0-36V output directly drives the magnetic powder brake / clutch, widely used as constant tension controller in printing, packaging, paper, textiles, printing and dyeing and wire and cable industry.

Functional characteristics
Use large scale integrated circuit design, 32 single chip control, pulse width modulation by the output current control. Color LCD screen shows real-time curve display, real-time parameter modification and setting. High control accuracy, torque output no dead time, automatic memory and save the data.

No need tension sensor, semi-closed loop control, when operations, coil diameter, material tension F, real time curve display, very intuitive. In the application of no sensor, can be stable control the tension. Compared with the tension sensor closed loop, the system is easy to install, cost-effective, accuracy between manual and automatic.

Overall dimension

SC-3Z tension controller can be floor-mounted,wall-mounted and panel-mounted.



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