SC-3H automatic tension controller


หมวดหมู่ : LANMEC Tension control system


SC-3H type automatic tension controller, digital control, color display, permillage real-time monitoring.0-24V or 0-36V output directly drives the magnetic powder brake / clutch, 0-10V output can control frequency converter,torque motor drive, servo motor drive and other actuators.Widely used as constant tension controller in printing, packaging, paper, textiles, printing and dyeing and wire and cable industry.

Functional characteristics

1、Using 32 bit CPU, high speed, high precision, high reliability
2、 The parameters of color display, chinese and English bilingual.
3、 Intelligent PID algorithm, tension control stability, rolling taper control.
4、 Start mode: speed or terminal switch can be controlled.
5、 Has the output memory, power down to maintain the function.
6、 Can be only used with TJL type tension sensors.

Overall dimension

SC-3H tension controller can be floor-mounted,wall-mounted and panel-mounted.



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