SC-2H automatic tension controller


หมวดหมู่ : LANMEC Tension control system


SC - 2 h automatic tension control instrument adopts LCD display, can choose Chinese and English display, friendly interface and easy to use, can be 0-24 v / 4 a direct drive magnetic powder clutch, magnetic powder brake;Can also be 0 to 5 v, 0 to 10 v signal, control frequency converter, servo motor, or other actuators, control the tension of the winding systems for high precision.Can be widely used in papermaking, printing, packaging, textile, printing and dyeing and other industries. The SC - 2 h automatic tension control instrument can be set to automatic tension control instrument, by installing tension sensor, the closed-loop control system.(see figure A) The SC - 2 h automatic tension control instrument can set tension control instrument of coil diameter, only need to install proximity switch or encoder, to measure the radius of coil control instrument according to the diameter of tension control.



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