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หมวดหมู่ : Phase II+ Bench Hardness Testers


 Phase II offers a vast array of different hardness test blocks for Rockwell, Brinell and Vickers scales, as well as Portable hardness testers
Phase II hardness test blocks are made of high grade materials to insure unmatched accuracy and repeatability throughout the entire block.
Phase II Hardness test block surfaces are precision ground and lapped to an average finish of less than 2uin.
Hardness Test blocks always engineered to obtain highly sensitive and accurate readings.
All Made in the USA hardness test blocks conform to current ASTM specifications
Traceability to NIST is offered on HRC steel blocks only.
Prestigious Accredited laboratory by A2LA and NVLAP in the USA

3pc NIST certified test block kit
Part No. 900330-9410
3pc set includes HRC blocks w/NIST certification for each block in custom carry case
NIST Master Calibration Kit-C scale
Part No. 900330-9410M
Kit includes same HRC test blocks as above as well as a certified diamond indentor in custom carry case
NIST Master Calibration Kit-C/N scale
Part No. 900330-9410Z
Kit includes same test blocks as above as well as a certified Combo C&N scale diamond indentor in custom carry case

ISO 6506

All of our Made in USA Brinell Test Blocks come certified to applicable standards. We adhere to a strict procedure for the calibration of these blocks, and the accuracy of the tester is maintained using a proving ring and load cell both traceable to N.I.S.T. The readings themselves are done using a stage micrometer also calibrated and traceable to N.I.S.T.



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