Digital Rockwell Hardness Tester w/ Touchscreen(900-410)


หมวดหมู่ : Phase II+ Bench Hardness Testers


Model No. 900-4101 General description

The 900-410 Digital Rockwell Hardness Tester can be used directly to measure the most popular regular Rockwell hardness scales and it can quickly convert that hardness value into HB, HV, HLD, HK and many other scales. Loaded with many useful features such as ultra precise results, wide measuring range, scale and test force selectable, automatic main test force loading/unloading, high resolution digital display and USB data storage. The 900-410 is suitable for testing hardness of carbon steel, alloy steel, cast iron, non-ferrous metals and engineering plastics. The tester meets the following standard: ASTM E18, ISO 6508-2, and BS EN ISO6508-2.

2 Key performance parameters
Preload: 98.1N(10kgf)
Total test force: 588.4N(60kgf),980.7N(100kgf),1471N(150kgf),
Load dwell duration: 2~50s
Resolution : 0.1HR
Display: High definition backlight LCD
Operation: Menu selectable push buttons
Auxiliary functions Upper/lower limits setting & alarm, Scale conversions: HV & HB
Data output: USB memory stick
Testing Capacity: Vertical: 8.00” Throat Depth: 7.87”
Dimensions: Height: 22.04” Width: 8.07” Depth: 31.49” (560mm×205mm×800mm)
Power supply: single phase, AC, 110V, 50~60Hz, 4A
Gross weight: 175lbs (80kg)Included Accessories:
A. Large Anvil
B. Small Diameter Anvil
C. V-shaped Anvil
D. Five Test Blocks
1. One each, HRB 75-95
2. One each, HRC 25-35
3. One each, HRC 40-50
4. One each, HRC 55-65
E. 120 deg. Diamond Indentor
F. 1/16" Carbide Ball indentor
G. Storage Box

Options: • NIST/ASTM certified test blocks, penetrators and kits are available. Please refererence PLEASE CONTACT US FOR DETAILS.

Test resolution: 0.01HR Rockwell unit;
Operation temperature: 50° - 95°F (10ᵒC~35ᵒC)
Ambient environment: clean, no vibration, no strong magnetic field, and no corrosive medium;
Power supply: single phase, AC, 110-220 with manual change, 50~60Hz, 4A;
Machine dimension: 27.5”x23.6”x9.84” /700mm×250mm×600mm.



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