Wireless Pressure and Temperature Transmitter


หมวดหมู่ : MAC Sensor Wireless IOT Sensor System


Intelligent wireless temperature and pressure sensor  is an intelligent instrument for pressure and liquid level detection with wireless communication function powered by high-energy lithium battery.

At present, multiple wireless communication modes are supported, including Zigbee 433, LORA, LORAWAN, GPRS,NBIOT and WIFI. With IP68 protection, integrated battery or solar power supply, low power consumption networking, it realizes site measuring and wireless monitoring for level, pressure, flow and on-site images etc

You will benefit from  :

1. Energy-saving and environmental protection

Low power consumption, static current as low as 15uA

3.6V Lithium battery power supply, long standby time

2. Easy operation and environmental protection 

The wireless signal can be transmitted over a long distance, which simplifies the installation mode and saves the wiring cost, thus achieving the goal of energy saving and environmental protection.

3.Running reliable and longlasting in harsh condition

Compact structure, convenient installation on site,short-circuit conditions to protect prevent reverse connection; Instant voltage overload protection

MAC Wireless temperature and pressure transmitter



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