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MAC turbidity transmitter sensor T40 is the latest developed product of online turbidity sensor. It applies imported components and advanced technology. Advanced technology ensures stable, reliable and accurate long-term work of the sensor. With 0-3.3V/5V analog voltage output, 4-20mA analog output, digital 485MODBUS RTU output and other functions. It can be widely used in chemical fertilizers, metallurgy, environmental water treatment projects, pharmaceutical, biochemical, food, aquaculture and tap water solutions such as continuous monitoring of turbidity value.

Working principle

Clear water turbidity electrode(0-4000NTU): Turbidity is caused by the suspended particles in water, which will reflect the incident light diffusely. Usually, the scattered light in the direction of 90 degrees is used as the test signal. In this way, the unit tested is called NTU.After several experimental studies and theoretical calculations, it is found that the ratio of scattered light to transmitted light is in line with turbidity.In this sensor, the ratio of scattered light to transmitted light is used instead of simply scattered light to measure turbidity. The accuracy and reliability of the sensor are improved, the maintenance is simpler, and the anti-pollution property is enhanced.

Sewage turbidity electrode(0-1000NTU / 0-20000mg/L): The concentration of suspended matter particles in sewage is very high. If traditional 90-degree scattering measurement is adopted, it is difficult to obtain accurate measurement results because suspended particles block a large amount of incident and scattered light. Therefore, we use 30-degree scattered light for measurement.The sensor's optical surface is coated with a unique nano antifouling coating that ensures the sensor doesn't require maintenance for two months.

Basic Parameters  Clear water turbidity electrode     Sewage turbidity electrode   SS sensor
Measurement Range  0-4000NTU                             0-1000NTU    0-20000mg/L
Main Materials  316SS, POM
Response Time  t90 : 60s
Illuminant  860nm
Working Life  5year
Environment Temperature  -20 ~ +60℃
Pressure Range  <10Bar
Waterproof Rate  IP68
Calibration  Slope Calibration
Input  DC24V
Weight  0.7Kg

Macsensor Turbidity Meter T40



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