Residual Chlorine Sensor


หมวดหมู่ : MAC Sensor Solution-Hydrology Water Monitoring


The reference C20 electrode silver/silver chloride electrode is encapsulated in the sealed electrolyte cavity, the working electrode gold electrode is directly in contact with the solution to be tested, and the reference electrode completes charge exchange with the external solution through conductive rubber.The chlorine in the solution is reduced directly on the surface of the working electrode to form a current which is directly proportional to the residual chlorine in the solution.

No diaphragm

Gold probe

Easy installation

Fast response

Highly sensitive

Standard two-wire structure

Basic Parameters  Residual Chlorine Electrode
Model  C20
Measurement Element  Residual Chlorine
Material  Delrin, PTFE, Gold, Sliver, Conductive Rubber
Accuracy  ±1% of measuring range
Response Time  1-60s
Working Temperature  1~50℃
Working Life  1year(Electrolyte)
Output  4-20mA
Input  12-24V
Velocity of Flow  20-40l/hr
Connection  2 wire connection
Measurement Range  0-0.5/2/5/10/50ppm or customize
Calibration  Slope Calibration

Macsensor Residual Chlorine Sensor C20



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