Nitrite Sensor



หมวดหมู่ : MAC Sensor Solution-Hydrology Water Monitoring


Working principle of Nitrite Sensor N50
The reference electrode silver/silver chloride electrode is encapsulated in a closed electrolyte cavity. The working electrode gold electrode is directly in contact with the solution to be tested.NO2- in solution is oxidized directly on the surface of the working electrode to form a current, which is proportional to the content of NO2- in solution.

No diaphragm

No micro hole

Easy installation

Good Versatility

No pressure balancing

Automatic temperature compensation

Basic Parameters  Nitrite Sensor
Measurement Element  Nitrite
Material  Delrin, PTFE, Gold, Sliver
Accuracy  ±0.1% of measuring range
Response Time  1-60s
Working Temperature  5~50℃
Working Life  1year(Electrolyte)
Output  0-20mA
Input  24V
Velocity of Flow  20-40l/hr
Connection  2 wire connection
Measurement Range  0-20ppm, 0-100ppm, 0-300ppm
Calibration  Slope Calibration
PH  6.5-8.5

Macsensor Nitrite Sensor N50



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