Dissolved Oxygen Meter


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Dissolved Oxygen Meter is one of the intelligent online chemical analysis instruments. It is widely used in continuous monitoring of dissolved oxygen, saturation, oxygen partial pressure and temperature .The continuous monitoring data is realized by remote transmission monitoring and recording through the transmission output connection recorder. It can also be connected to the RS485 interface and can be easily connected to the computer for monitoring and recording through the MODBUS-RTU protocol.

1. Adopt photoelectric technology with low maintenance rate and high reliability
2. No oxygen consumption, no flow rate requirement, and still water can be measured
3. Good compatibility. The sensor provides 4-20ma signals, which can be exchanged with the E+H sensor
4. Strong anti-interference ability, full digital processing technology and full stainless steel enclosure shielding.
5. Automatic temperature pressure compensation

Basic Parameters  Fluorescent dissolved oxygen electrode

Model  D30
Measurement Range  DO:0-20 mg/L
Response Time  t90 : 30s
Measurement Accuracy  ±3% of the value
repetitive Accuracy  ±0.5% of the value
Main Materials  316SS, Daicel
Working Life  5year
Working Temperature  -20 ~ +55℃
Pressure Range  <10Bar
Waterproof Rate  IP68
Calibration  Sample Calibration
Input  DC24V
Weight  0.7Kg

Macsensor Dissolved Oxygen Meter D30



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