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หมวดหมู่ : MAC Sensor Solution-Hydrology Water Monitoring


1. online PH sensor option of the most advanced Teflon diaphragm with large ring section make the sensor with stable liquid junction, not easy to block and easy to maintain.  

2. Long distance reference to proliferation way, greatly prolong the service life of the electrode in the worse environment (Hazardous area)

3. Temperature range: 0-110℃, pressure resistance: 0.6Mpa.

4. New design big area glass ball bubble can prevent the disturbance from air bubbles in the the buffer and make the measurement value more reliable.

5. Adopt PPS shell and 3/4” thread, convenient for the installation and replacement of sensor.

6. The electrode adopt the high quality low noise cable and length of  the signal output is greater than 20m and no interference.

1. The annular polytetrafluoroethylene liquid interface has stronger pollution resistance.
2. Very large electrolyte cavity, longer service life and more stable.
3. ABS plastic shell, strong resistance to attack.

1.The use of the world's most advanced solid dielectric and large area of teflon liquid interface.Easy to block, easy to maintain.
2. With upper and lower 3/4npt pipe threads in PPS housing, it is easy to install and requires no jacket, saving installation cost.

Measurement Range
PH  0.00 ~ 14.00pH
ORP  -2000mV ~ 2000mV
Temperature  0 ~ 200℃
Analog Output  4-20mA

Environment Condition
Working Temperature  0 ~ +80℃
Storage Temperature  -40 ~ +60℃
Temperature Compensation  Pt 100 RTD Thermal Resistor
Compensation Temperature  -10 ~ +1100℃

Macsensor PH Meter PH101 102 ORP103 104



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