PG40 Smart Digital Pressure Gauge


หมวดหมู่ : MAC Sensor Pressure Gauge


PG40 series smart digital pressure gauge with high strength ceramic thick film or silicon piezoresistive chip package. The design and manufacture of integrated circuits. The pressure gauge is no moving parts and long service life, widely used in medical equipment, pneumatic equipment such as hydraulic, pneumatic measurement.

◢ High performance

◢ Smart type

◢ High integration

◢ High stability

◢ Pressure measurement & signal communication

◢ Customized acceptable

◢ Conventional products, short delivery time

◢ Universal external interface

◢ External power supply & battery supply

Power supply: internal 3VDC battery & 5~12VDC external power supply or PC-USB

Working current: max 10mA

Static accuracy:(0.5%FS)2 (typical)

Output impedance: max 300Ω

Pressure range: 0~30atm (optional)

overload:1.5 times range

operating temperature:-20℃~+85℃

Storage temperature:-20℃~+60℃

compensation temperature: -20℃~+55℃

Measurable medium:compatible with ceramic, 304 stainless steel, copper, chloroprene rubber gas/liquid

Datasheet PG40 Pressure Gauge MAC Sensor



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