Radar Level Transducer MQ93



HR263 Radar Level Transducer is a non-contact, microprocessor controlled, easy to install and
maintain digital level instrument. Through the antenna emitter narrow and low power microwave pulse signals, the pulse signal in the space at the speed of light transmission, encounter reflects measured medium, reflected signal is received, the pulse signal of the transmitted pulse signal and receiving time interval and the datum is proportional to the distance to the surface of the measured medium, the emitting and receiving by measuring the time interval, to realize the antenna to the surface of medium distance measurement.
HR263 Radar Level Transducer built-in LCD display, convenient site setting. It doesn't have to contact industrial media can meet the requirements of most of the material level measurement, so as to thoroughly solve the disadvantages of pressure type, capacitance type, float type of traditional measurement methods such as winding, jam, leaking, corrosion medium, safeguard inconvenience. Thus can be widely used in plastics, coal, grain, sewage disposal, petroleum, chemical, food and beverage, pharmaceutical and other industries. Non-contact measurement, corrosion resistance, easy installation, high measuring accuracy, fast response, long life, good stability, large span, can be used to measure the height of liquid and solid material, in the barn, oil tank, chemical raw materials tank, sewage pool, high corrosive environment, requirements of hygiene, environment of material level measurement is widely used.

? Launch frequency up to 26GHz 
? Adopting the international advanced dual-core radar technology, more processing capacity, more reliable system design, more than one core, more stable system
? High frequency and signal-to-noise ratio are the best choice for low dielectric constant media
? Small beam Angle, concentrated energy, and stronger anti-interference ability, greatly improve the measurement accuracy and reliability
? measurement of the blind zone is smaller, and the measurement of small cans will have excellent results
? the wavelength is shorter, and the measurement effect on the surface of small particle medium and inclined media is better
? Sensitive measurement, fast refresh rate, small antenna size, easy to installation, strong and durable, and maintenance free
? Non-contact measurement, no wear, no pollution. And can measure liquid, solid media objects
?  Almost not affected by temperature, pressure, water vapor, foam, dust etc complex working conditions
? With 2 wire loop power supply technology, power supply voltage and output signal are transmitted through a two - core cable to save cost
? Adopting advanced microprocessor and unique echo processing technology can be applied to various complicated working conditions
? Low emission power, can be installed in various metals, non-metal containers, no harm to human environment
? The screen with buttons can easily set the parameters of the meter

Application: Solid material, process container or strong dust is easy to crystallize, 
knot dew occasion
Measuring range: 0 to 70 meters
Process connection: thread, flange
Medium temperature: - 40 ~ 250 ℃
Process pressure: normal pressure
Accuracy: ±15mm
Frequency range: 26GHz
Explosion-proof grade: Exia Ⅱ CT6 Ga and Exd ia Ⅱ CT6 Gb
Protection level: IP67
Signal output: 4...20 ma/HART  (2 wires/4 wires)RS485 / Modbus

MQ9 High frequency radar level gauge instructions-MAC



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