UL40 Spilt type Ultrasonic Level Transmitter



The UL series ultrasonic level meter, ultrasonic level gauge, is a kind of non-contact, controlled by microprocessor, easy installation and maintenance of level measurement instruments. The sensor emits a high-frequency pulse, and then listens for the echo. The pulse is transmitted in a cone. The pulse impacts the level surface and is reflected back to the sensor, now acting as a receiver , and then to the transmitter for signal processing.
Built-in LCD display, convenient site setting. It doesn't have to contact industrial media can meet the requirements of most of the material level measurement, so as to thoroughly solve the disadvantages of pressure type, capacitance type, float type of traditional measurement methods such as winding, jam, leaking, corrosion medium, safeguard inconvenience. Thus can be widely used in plastics, coal, grain, sewage disposal, petroleum, chemical, food and beverage, pharmaceutical and other industries. Non-contact measurement, corrosion resistance, easy installation, high measuring accuracy, fast response, long life, good stability, large span, can be used to measure the height of liquid and solid material, in the barn, oil tank, chemical raw materials tank, sewage pool, high corrosive environment, requirements of hygiene, environment of material level measurement is widely used.

1. Using U.S.A ATMEL 8 control computing chip, the operation rate is more than twice that of domestic chip, and the power consumption is 1/3
2. Equipped with STD (ST) voltage stabilizer, intelligent effective control of the generation of voltage, the protective circuit components are not damaged
3. 5 years of slanting ABS waterproof joint design, impact resistance, aging resistance, prevent rainwater from running into the liquid level sensor, and damage the circuit.
4. Adopt a streamlined all-transparent wide-angle protection cover with a thickness of 6.3mm thick, protection grade IP67, and read the liquid level data at any Angle without opening the cover.
5. Adopt the physical fully-enclosed integrated probe, effectively protect the internal circuit, and the life is twice as long as the similar products
6. Equipped with the latest international improved transducer, it greatly reduces the blind area of the ultrasonic liquid level meter, and the high comprehensive accuracy of five thousandths of the high resolution can reach 3mm
7. Four lines of plain text shows the menu type site operation, quick and easy adjustment of the instrument, with 45 * 30 high-definition LCD real-time display level, distance, the output signal, temperature and working condition.
8. The integrated temperature sensor can simultaneously measure and display the temperature and automatically adjust the sound speed affected by the temperature
9. Multi-level display unit conversion and Chinese and English one-key conversion function, 4-step setup, simple operation
10. Intelligent return difference alarm, easy control of liquid level measurement safety



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