L707 Smaller Diameter Submersible Pressure Level Transducers & Transmitters



L707 is full sealed submersible level transducer/transmitter. It is made by building in high stable and reliable Sputter thin film sensors and high accurate circuit board into the stainless steel housing. Integrated construction and standard signal provide the user easy and convenient application in the local working place. The special cable connects with housing, can be immerged into the media for a long time.


☆ Accuracy: ≤±0.5%F.S.

☆ Wide working temperature scope

☆ Advanced digital temperature compensation.

☆Excellent resistance against impact, overload, 

Shock and erosion.

☆Highly-efficient lighting protection

and strong RFI & EMI resistance

☆ High quality Sputter thin film sensors

☆1.5 times range standard overload.

☆3 times range burst pressure 

☆ Diameter 19 mm

Ranges: 0~2Meters H2O~500 Meters H2O(0-0.2Bar ~ 1Bar~50Bar)---optional

Combined error: ≤0.5%F.S.O

Output: 4~20mA(standard) or 0-10V or 0-5V or 0.5-4.5V

Input voltage: 24Vdc (12~36Vdc) 

Operating temperature: -30℃~+85℃

Electric connection: antiseptic Cable or by order.

Cable materials are optional according request, we offer 3 type special cable as follow:

PE Cable(Water Proof); PUR Cable(Oil Proof); PTFE Cable(Anti-Corrosive).

Datasheet L707 Level Transmitter MAC Sensor



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