PG60 Intelligent Digital Pressure Gauge



PG60 Intelligent Digital Pressure Gauge is electronic-structure and battery-powered, which make it very easy for on-site installation. Specifically, a high-precision piezo-resistive pressure sensor is used and the output signal is processed by the high-precision, low temperature drifting amplifier, then sent into the high-precision A/D converter to be converted into digital signal, after being computed and processed, the actual pressure value is showed on the LCD screen.

◆ Large-screen LCD display, back light,high resolution,easy to read

◆ Automatically record the maximum pressure values during the measurement

◆ Pressure on the percentage of dynamic display, (the progress bar display)

◆ Five engineering units: psi, bar, kPa, MPa, kg / cm2

◆ 0 ~ 15min auto-off feature.

◆ Micro-power consumption, work over 2 years in power-saving mode,

  2,000 hours continuous work.

◆ Parameter correction, correct zero and error in field application.

◆ Pressure range already set before use

◆ Sampling rate: 4 times / sec

◆ Applicable to gases and liquids compatible with stainless steel



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