P90 Customize Application Pressure Sensors



MAC P90 is economic type pressure transducer designed for water pumps, water pipes, wall-hang boiler and liquid pressure measurement. It using imported high quality ceramic sensor core, it is high performance in low cost, high volume, commercial and industrial applications. Suitable for measuring the pressure of non-corrosive gas and liquid.

1. Range: 0-2Bar to 100Bar optional
2. State Accuracy:  ±1.5%F.S. (typical)

3.Error: ±3%F.S. (including 0 ~ 90 ℃ temperature error)

4. MEMS technology

5. High integration and high stability

6. Temperature compensation, signal amplification

7. EMI protection; CE Approved

8. Wide voltage power supply (5 ~ 25VDC), it has the reverse polarity protection and short circuit protection.

9. Standard and custom options available in OEM quantities

Economic Pressure Sensor for Universal Application

Pressure range: -1~1bar……1000 bar options                  

Output :4~20mA,0~5V/0~10V ,Hart protocol

Pressure range:0~2bar...100 bar optional

Body materials:Stainless steel


Output :0.5-4.5V/1-5V

Power supply:8~25VDC/5V DC

Pressure port: G1/4-19,G1/8-28 or 1/4"NPT by customized

Electronic connector:1pin-5VDC,2pin-null,3pin-Vout,4pin-GND(Acquiescence type:C2521HF-4P)

Accuracy :1.5%F.S

Working temperature:0°C~+90°C 

Certificate approving:ROSH and CE Certificate.

Datasheet-P90 Economic Pressure transducer-MAC Sensor



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