P20H Universal Industry Pressure Transducer & Transmitter



Pressure transmitter P20 is designed for use in almost all industrial applications, and offers a reliable pressure measurement, even under harsh environmental conditions. The flexible pressure transmitter programmer covers current , voltage, digital and double output signal, absolute and gauge (relative) versions, measuring ranges from -1~0 to 0-1000 bar and a wide range of pressure and electrical connections. 

The fully welded measuring system (without seals) made of high-grade stainless steel allows this device to be used in almost all media, even in harsh conditions.

High stability and reliability

Using industrial silicon sensor

Digital calibration system

Multifarious electronic connector

Multifarious pressure port

Temperature compensate

Zero point and span adjustable

via internal potentiometer

capable of handling millions of pressure cycles

A high degree of EMC/EMI protection

Pressure range: -1~1 bar……1000 bar optional

Output :4~20mA,0~5V/0~10V ,4-20mA with Hart protocol

Power supply:+12VDC~+36VDC

Pressure port: G1/4'', 1/8''NPT, M20*1.5 or by customized

Accuracy :0.15%F.S; 0.25%F.S; 0.5%F.S optional                                                    

 Working temperature:-40°C~+125°C                                                                 

Certificate: CE,Excia CT6 Ga ,ATEX,RoSH

Datasheet-P20 Pressure Sensor-MAC Sensor



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