P20T Series High Temperature Pressure Transducer & Transmitter



P20T piezo-resistive high temperature transmitter is suited for media temperatures up to 200°C. The pressure acted on diaphragm is transmitted onto imported silicon or sapphire sensing die through the radiating fin. The radiating fin could decrease high media temperature to close to environment temperature by the airs heat dissipation function. This design not only do not need additional cooling devices (e.g. water cooling device), but also able to make full use of performance advantages of Piezo-resistive pressure sensor. The integrated high precise PCB amplifies sensor signal into voltage or current signal related to pressure proportionally. The whole transmitter is full welded construction, IP65 protection and good anti-corrosive capability. It can be widely used for pressure measurement of various high temperature media.

High stability and reliability 
Using industrial silicon sensor 
Digital calibration system 
Multifarious electronic connector 
Multifarious pressure port 
Temperature compensate 
Zero point and span adjustable 
via internal potentiometer
capable of handling millions of pressure cycles
A high degree of EMC/EMI protection

Pressure range: -1~1 bar……1000 bar optional

Output :4~20mA,0~5V/0~10V ,4-20mA with Hart protocol

Power supply:+12VDC~+36VDC

Pressure port: G1/4'', 1/8''NPT, M20*1.5 or by customized

Accuracy :0.15%F.S; 0.25%F.S; 0.5%F.S optional                                                      

Working temperature:-40°C~+125°C                                                                 

Certificate: CE,Excia CT6 Ga ,ATEX,RoSH

Datasheet-P20T Pressure Sensor-MAC Sensor



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