Static Strain Amplifiers

YE2533 Static Strain Amplifiers adopt intelligent management and high quality components


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Detailed description

YE2533 Static Strain Amplifiers adopt intelligent management and high quality components, toggle switch replaced by electronic switch, greatly improved the stability and reliability of the test. It can be widely used in teaching test field and small engineering testing.

 ● 8,16,24channels (random combine )strain test point and 1 channel force test point; 
 ● 4½ digits LED display test value; 
 ● Synchronized dual-window display; 
 ● Test point and Bridge circuit Indication; 
 ● All parameters can be set and stored; 
 ● To provide fully functional application software; 
 ● Suitable For teaching and engineering testing; 
 ● Small Size, easy to handle. 



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YE38 series signal conditioner, not only can provide power supply for IEPE sensor, but also can amplifier and filtered the output signals of the IEPE sensor

YE5853 charge amplifier is a kind of multi-channel modular charge amplifier, connecting with piezoelectric acceleration sensor as a test system

YE3817 strain amplifier is a digital multi-channel signal conditioner. In combination with the strain gauge or equivalent resistance strain sensor

YE5852 charge amplifier is low noise charge amplifier whose output voltage is direct proportional with input charge.

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