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YE6269 is a high performance dynamic signal test and analysis system with a wide range application

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Detailed description

YE6269 Dynamic Signal Test and Analysis System

 YE6269 is a high performance dynamic signal test and analysis system with a wide range application, can complete the testing and analysis of various physical quantities such as  stress and strain, vibration, acceleration, velocity, displacement, shock, all types of thermocouples of temperature,  pressure, flow, force, torque, voltage, and current, and has high precision and strong anti-interference ability, ensure the accurate and reliable test result. 
 2.1 It can complete the test and analysis of stress and strain in the state of the whole bridge, half bridge, a quarter bridge (120Ω or 350 Ω three-wire system)   
 2.2 Cooperate with strain sensor, precise test  to force, stress, displacement, velocity, acceleration and other quantities. 
 2.3 With built-in 24 V / 4 mA sensors excitation source, collecting output signal of IEPE (ICP) piezoelectric acceleration sensor, test and analysis of vibration acceleration, vibration velocity and vibration displacement (second integral hardware is optional) 
 2.4 Choose charge optimal modulator, and cooperate with piezoelectric sensors, accurate measurement of dynamic pressure and acceleration, velocity and displacement. 
 2.5 Voltage input, to measure all kinds of voltage signal accurately, cooperate with thermocouple, magneto electric speed sensor and all kinds of transmitter, test and analysis of various physical quantities. 
 3.1 Standards 3 U standard chassis appearance design, up to 16 channels each unit, can be consist of a test system be installed on the standard machine cabinets directly. 
 3.2 Support intelligent identification function of conductor, according to a predefined template set point parameters automatically; 
 3.3 Gigabit Ethernet communication, communication with the computer for a long time in real time, continuous record the multi-channel signals, all channels parallel synchronous work, each channel up to 200 KHZ sampling rate; 
 3.4 Support the stress strain field channel calibration, can learn channel current state quickly. 
 3.5 Each channel independent A/D parallel real-time acquisition. 
 3.6 DMA real-time data transmission, to ensure the data transmission of high speed, stable, no leakage, no crash; 
 3.7 Four wire for bridge, the pressure of bridge is not be affected by the influence of the length of wire (resistance); 
 4. System Structure 
 Data acquisition system connect with the computer via gigabit Ethernet communication, through the network technology, and can realize unlimited multi-channel extended parallel sampling, real-time signal acquisition, storage, display and analysis, etc. 
 4.1Instruments connect with a variety of sensor, as shown in figure 1:

Figure 1

4.2 A single work, as shown in figure 2

Figure 2

4.3 Work with more instrument cascade, as shown in figure 3:

Figure 3 
 5. Technical Indicators 
 5.1.1, input impedance: 1MΩ∥40PF 
 5.1.2, input range: ±10Vp 
 5.1.3 accuracy of the system: less than 0.5% (F.S) (preheating measure in half an hour).
 5.1.4 ensuring, linearity: less than 0.05%;
 5.1.5, distortion degree: less than 0.5%;
 5.1.6, signal bandwidth: DC ~ 30 KHZ; 
 5.1.7, Noise: no more than 5 mu VRMS (within the scope of the allowed working temperature, when short circuit input, the maximum gain equivalent to the input). 
 5.1.8, AD converter: 16 bit A/D converter (24 bits A/D converter);A 16 bit D/A
 5.1.9, mixed filter resistance: independent of mixed filter for each channel, according to the sampling frequency setting automatic.
 5.1.10, trigger mode: manual triggering, external trigger, continuous external trigger, trigger signal and continuous trigger signal, timing, trigger, etc
 5.1.11, multiple modules synchronously: with synchronous clock inside, convenience for the user
 5.1.12, channel number: 16 ch/per set 
 5.1.13, sampling rate, multi-channel working at the same time, each channel sampling rate up to 200 KHZ,
 all the data real-time transmission to the computer hard disk storage;
 5.1.14, communication interface: 1000 m Ethernet interface;
 5.1.15, power supply: 220 VAC, maximum power 80 W.
 5.1.16, use environment: suitable for conditions of GB/T6587-2012 - Ⅱ 
 5.1.17, storage conditions: - 40 ℃ ~ 60 ℃;   Working temperature: 0 ~ 50 ℃.
 5.1.18, appearance size (mm) :  :276W*132H*308D 
 6.Strain Conditioner YE38110  Technical Indicators
 Input mode: seven core aerial socket
 Channel number: 2CH 
 Applicable resistance strain gauge resistance: a half bridge, 
 bridge: 50Ω~ 1000Ω arbitrary setting.
 Three wire system a quarter bridge: 120Ωor350Ω                   
 Bridge way: half bridge, use four wire for bridge; A quarter of the bridge(120Ω or 350 Ω three-wire system);    
 Gain: by 100, by 200, by 1000, by 2000;
 Signal bandwidth: DC ~ 30 kHz;
 Filter: cut-off frequency (- 3 db + 1 db) : 10, 30, 100,300, 1 k, 3 k, 10 k, 30 k (Hz);
 Strain full value: ± 100000με 
 Indication error:  less than 1% 
 Stop-band attenuation: - 12 db/oct;
 Accuracy: less than 1%;
 Bridge voltage: 1 V, 2 V, 3 V, 10 V;
 Automatic balance range: ± 5 V;
 Overload status indicates: output more than 10 V, when indicator light turn red, it means overload.
 Noise: less than 5 μ V(RTI) 
 7. Application Software 
 General control and analysis software (YE7600 (C + +) 
 YE7600 is developed by our company to adapt to a variety of data acquisition system of control and measurement, and which has the function of general signal analysis and processing software.YE7600 not only support all of the data acquisition system of control and test of our company, but also offers a variety of control interface and file format conversion function, and can be easily connected to various data collector and the data acquisition card, and will be stored data export format for general and other special requirements, to meet different acquisition system of control and testing requirements. 
 7.1 Powerful workspace and project management: manage the entire workspace by three control, can be very convenient to load inventory signal analysis and processing; 
 7.2 Support TEDS and virtual TEDS sensors: the user can choose the quantity unit what they need to measure, all will be done automatically by software. And will set up TEDS sensor databases at the same time, can be convenient to complete sensor parameter settings; 
 7.3 Acquisition parameter setting and control, data display: YE7600 offers a variety of sampling methods: oscilloscope, manual hardware trigger, trigger signal, trigger; Can set the sampling channel arbitrarily, Can adjust the graphics refresh rate of display waveform; 
 7.4 File format Settings and storage: display various statistical characteristics of the channel real-time; display waveform real-time ; Supports export  varies file storage formats: ASCII, UFF58, convenient for user to analyze by using the third party software. 
 7.5 General data analysis and processing functions: have time/frequency domain analysis and processing functions: single trace time domain, more trace time domain, autocorrelation and cross-correlation, etc. for Li Sha figure, speed measurement, FFT, the spectrum (power spectrum can be shown, power spectral density), cross spectrum, the three dimensional spectrogram, the frequency response function (can show a coherent, Nyquist diagram), shock response spectrum, the statistics (maximum, minimum, peak value, average, effective value, variance, standard deviation, crest factor, waveform factor, pulse, margin factors), rotating machinery order analysis, etc., and according to needs, increase the testing and analysis capabilities in convenient; 
 7.6. Provide 32 road virtual signal source: can offer 32 road virtual signal generator for dynamic data acquisition system with D/A output or D/A output acquisition card. Can produce a variety of virtual signal source: such as sine wave, triangle wave, square wave, noise, sine sweep, triangle wave frequency sweep, square wave frequency sweep, sinusoidal pulse and triangular wave pulse and square wave pulse and other all kinds of costumed signals, and can play back the signal acquisition.




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