Industrial Monitoring Sensor

Wind power and other industrial equipment online monitoring (CA-YD-187T02 CA-YD-187C CA-YD-188C)

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Detailed description

Industrial Monitoring Sensor


Built-in IEPE,
low noise
strong resistance of disturbance
Isolated, Floating, industrial site monitoring

Wind power and other industrial equipment online monitoring (CA-YD-187T02  CA-YD-187C CA-YD-188C  CA-YD-188T)

 The main sensing element Piezoelectric Ceramics are made by ourselves with good stability and consistency.  

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Internal ICP piezoelectric accelerometer is newly developed electromechanical measuring transducer.

Detailed Description The piezoelectric complexed accelerometer can output two siginals at the same time.They are acceleration and temperature. It simplifies the testing system effectively.And it is very suitable for multi-parameter testing occasions such as state monitoring. Feature : 1....

Features: ● Built-in IEPE preamplifier ● Tri-axial (X, Y, Z) output ● Miniature, lightweight

YE38 series signal conditioner, not only can provide power supply for IEPE sensor, but also can amplifier and filtered the output signals of the IEPE sensor

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