RB16 Relay Board



Provides 16 industry standard relay module sockets to a LabJack U12. Image shows RB16 with standard and miniature modules installed. The RB16 provides a versatile method for electricians, engineers, and other qualified individuals, to interface a LabJack U12 with high voltages/currents.

I/O modules are available from a variety of manufacturers such as Grayhill, Crydom, or Kyoto, and allow the LabJack U12 to control or monitor 120/240 VAC and/or 3-60 VDC. The following Grayhill modules are available for purchase from Digikey: 70M-OAC5 (AC output), 70M-ODC5 (DC output), 70M-IAC5 (AC input), 70M-IDC5 (DC input).

Relay modules are NOT included
Modules are available with voltage ratings up to 200 VDC or 280 VAC, and current ratings up to 3.5 amps
DB25 cable is included
Made by Electronic Innovations Corp.
LabJack U12 only. See the RB12 for other devices
Note: The user can also install a resistor to bypass each socket and pass through the standard digital I/O line.

For more information, see the RB16 Relay Board Datasheet.



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