The LJTick-Divider (LJTD) is a signal conditioning module designed to take two single-ended higher voltage analog signals, and divide them by a specified value. These devices come in divide by 4, 5, 10, 25, and "C" or Custom. The 4-pin design plugs into the standard AIN/AIN/GND/VS screw terminal block found on LabJacks such as the U3, U6, UE9, T7, and T4.  The use of large resistors and a precision op-amp buffer provides an input impedance of 1 megaohm. The resistors can be customized to allow for a wide range of configurations.

The LJTD can also be used with higher voltage digital signals.  The LJTD-4 works for 12V or 24V logic.  A 12V signal will divide down to about 3.0V which is a logic high for any LabJack.  A 24V signal (or even much higher voltages) will result in about 3.5V, as that is the max output of the LJTD, and that also is a good logic high for any LabJack.

Naming Scheme
The naming scheme for the dividers reflects how much voltage reduction is performed on the input voltage. -4 indicates "Divide by 4", -5 indicates "Divide by 5", etc. As a quick example if you are using an LJTD-4 and you supply it 8V, the divider will output 2V.

Custom Dividers
If the custom range is selected, specify the desired range in the order comments and expect a 1-5 day delay. See the datasheet for typical custom options and names used to specify. If you are purchasing a custom divider (or need help ordering one) feel free to send us an e-mail at support@labjack.com. Please include your name and order number with your e-mail inquiry.

More Information
For more information, see the LJTick-Divider Datasheet.

If you are a long time LabJack customer, the old device "UNI10V" can be purchased by purchasing an LJTD-4. The "BIP10V" can be purchased by purchasing an LJTD-C device and indicating that you want the device turned into a "BIP10V" model.



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