The LJTick-VRef is a Voltage reference accessory that outputs a stable 2.5V or 4.096V signal. These ticks are commonly used as an excitation voltage for various circuits. The IOA and IOB lines are pass-through terminals, and do not interact with the accessory in any way.

VRef-25 Specs:
- Voltage: 2.5V
- Accuracy: ±0.08%, ±2mV
VRef-41 Specs:
- Voltage: 4.096V
- Accuracy: ±0.08%, ±3.27mV
Common Specs:
- Maximum load: 50mA
- Short circuit current: 100mA
 - Temperature coefficient: 5ppm/°C
The VRef-25 uses the voltage reference chip: LT1461CIS8-2.5#. The VRef-41 uses the voltage reference chip: LT1461CIS8-4#. Please see the LJTick-VRef datasheet for more information.


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