Sinocera Piezotronics

YE5852 charge amplifier is low noise charge amplifier whose output voltage is direct proportional with input charge.

YE5853 charge amplifier is a kind of multi-channel modular charge amplifier, connecting with piezoelectric acceleration sensor as a test system

YE38 series signal conditioner, not only can provide power supply for IEPE sensor, but also can amplifier and filtered the output signals of the IEPE sensor

YE2533 Static Strain Amplifiers adopt intelligent management and high quality components

YE3817 strain amplifier is a digital multi-channel signal conditioner. In combination with the strain gauge or equivalent resistance strain sensor

YE1311 signal generator is a new type of sweep signal generator which can produce accurate sinusoidal waves, square waves, triangle waves and white noise.

YE587x series power amplifiers are high efficient power sources to drive vibration shakers for various vibration tests and analyses which are conducted commonly for the product development in various industries such as aviation

JZK series shaker is an electric-mechanical transducer which coverts electric energy into mechanical energy to provide a controlled vibration force which is applied to a test component or structure.

The Model YE2730 d33 meter is a special instrument for directly measuring the piezoelectric constant d33 values of piezoelectric ceramics, polymers, and single crystals.

Type YE6231 is a miniature dynamic data acquisition with 4 channels and high accuracy 24-bit resolution A/D, applied in testing vibration,noise

YE6269 is a high performance dynamic signal test and analysis system with a wide range application

We are committed to the research and application development of high performance of piezoelectric ceramic materials.

Bimorph actuators are made from a sandwiched pair of piezoelectric elements which can expand and contract in length.

Laminated type piezoelectric actuators using multi layer piezoelectric ceramic chip according to certain polarity, under the control of DC voltage scaling along the length direction.

Using the inverse piezoelectric effect of piezoelectric ceramics, under the interaction of the drive current

These accelerometers are built in charge amplifier of double power or single-power supply,suitable for the hand-held vibration meter and data recorder etc.

Features: High stability Wide frequency range Suitable for calibrate sensors by back to back type

Features: TNC output, industrial vibration monitoring Wide frequency response Good temperature characteristics

Internal ICP piezoelectric accelerometer is newly developed electromechanical measuring transducer.

Features: ● Built-in IEPE preamplifier ● Tri-axial (X, Y, Z) output ● Miniature, lightweight

Wind power and other industrial equipment online monitoring (CA-YD-187T02 CA-YD-187C CA-YD-188C)

CA-DR series utilize the principle of variable capacitance, low-frequency to zero Hz, high accuracy, stable output, Low temperature drift.

CA-DR series utilize the principle of variable capacitance, low-frequency to zero Hz, high accuracy, stable output, Low temperature drift.

This kind of accelerometers with the function of output Acceleration and temperature signal. Suitable for mult-parameters test as condition monitoring etc.

Based on piezoelectric accelerometers, the CV-YD-series have the extra character of built-in precise circuit of integration and velocity output.

CV-CD- series magnetoelectric velocity transducers are inertial velocity transducers.

CWY-DO-Series proximity displacement transducer (eddy), based on the principle of the eddy current effect on the metal surface

The CL-YD -series Piezoelectric Force Transducers relies on the piezoelectric principle exhibited by quartz.

Features: Fast response of dynamic measurement Long duration of static calibration Little error of tension - compression sensitivity

Suitable for mechanical impedance measurement and vibration Modal Analysis

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